CVPF 02-02 male to female straight brass check valve, non-return valve or one-way valve is used to connect a male R, PT, BSPT 1/4 thread to a female R, PT, BSPT 1/4 thread in same direction, and permit compressed air to flow in one direction and blocks back flow from the opposite direction. A symbol on the body of check valve shows the operating direction of flow. The body is made from brass bar. The surface is Nickel Plated.

R, BSPT 1/4 Thread Male to Female Straight Check Valve

Part #: CVPF 02-02
Male Thread Size: R, PT, BSPT 1/4
Female Thread Size: R, PT, BSPT 1/4
Fluid Admitted: Air, Vacuum
Body Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Spring: Stainless Steel
Sealing: NBR
Working Pressure: 0~1.0 MPa | 0~150 psi
Proof Pressure: 3.0 Mpa | 435 psi
Working Temperature: 0~60°C | 32~140°F